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Juno, Our History

Juno was founded to build upon the success of the Ceres2030: Sustainable Solutions to End Hunger project, which produced an evidence-based roadmap, published in the scientific journal Nature.

That publication highlighted 10 high-impact areas where public investment could help end hunger, double the incomes and productivity of small-scale producers, and protect the climate. The recommendations were featured prominently at the UN Food Systems Summit science group and action tracks, and are now being used by donor agencies, coalitions, and other initiatives to review and revise priorities and portfolios.

Through founding partner, we will use an efficient, integrated technology platform that leverages artificial intelligence to mine an expanded data set whilst significantly reducing the cost, time, and effort of producing evidence and guidance.

As an international, inter-governmental, not-for-profit organization with a global network in 49 member countries, Juno founding partner CABI supports multi-stakeholder partnerships around the world, including government bodies, international organisations, commercial publishers, and research institutions as part of an inclusive and transparent system. Its CAB Abstracts database is also a key destination for researchers conducting evidence synthesis in agriculture, food and the environmental sciences.

The Lucy Family Institute for Data & Society at the University of Notre Dame brings expertise in data science, AI, data engineering, computing, applications, and methods. As a Juno founding member, the Institute also brings forth core societal expertise in areas of human development, peace accord, ethics, global development, and poverty studies. Combining these core capabilities enables the Lucy Family Institute to compile best-in-class research teams aligned toward specific societal challenges that translate out of research and into practice.

Together, these founding member organizations will convene and catalyze action on behalf of an alliance of global partners.

Juno supports evidence synthesis and decision-making in the symbiotic fields of agriculture, food systems and climate adaptation

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